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Is here somewhere else? a sense of dèjà vu - exhibition and lecture at MoCA


The Artist Residency project, which was jointly planned by Pro Helvetia Shanghai and MoCA Pavilion, is set to usher in its second phase with Swiss artist Benoît Billotte, inviting him to present his specially designed artwork, “Is Here Somewhere Else? A Sense of Déjà Vu”, from June 17-25. Residency artists Benoît Billotte and Nicolas Delaroche will give a lecture on June 18. >>

Cie zeitSprung -- Asia Premiere

Cie zeitSprung will have its Asia Premiere in Beijing and Tianjing, showcasing their award-winning works Komplizen and Orthopadie or to be. >>

"Grid Systems in Graphic Design" Chinese Version Comes to China This July

"Grid Systems in Graphic Design" (1981), a bestseller and textbook for grid design written by Josef Müller-Brockmann, has been translated into Chinese with the support of Pro Helvetia Shanghai, and will be published in... >>

Lars Müller BOOKS Analogue Reality

“Lars Müller BOOKS Analogue Reality”, supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, features 100 books all published by the internationally renowned Swiss publisher and designer, Lars Müller. >>

Artist Residency in China

Three Pro Helvetia residency artists, Beat Lippert, Nicolas Delaroche, and Benoit Billotte, will conduct their projects in Shanghai and Hangzhou from April to May. >>


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